So our Save The Turtles party (pictures here) was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who brought goods and donations for our flipper-and-shelled friends in Mexico. We'll be traveling to Cozumel during April vacation week and we'll hand over the donations while we're there. Here's a list of all your generous donations:
  • vinyl exam gloves (1 box)
  • D batteries (8)
  • AA batteries (12)
  • AAA batteries (12)
  • flashlights (6)
  • head lamps (2)
  • sharpie markers and pens (28)
  • first aid kids (3)
  • $150 (enough for a waterproof GPS unit!)
Thanks again to all our wonderful, generous friends! We'll be sure to share pictures of our trip to Cozumel and our visit to the turtle rescue group upon our return!
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